Documentary about the murder of Robert Einstein’s family by Nazis

In August 1944, Nazi SS troops invaded the Italian home of Albert Einstein’s cousin. Robert Einstein fled when word reached him that the Nazis had orders to kill him. Thinking his family was safe since they were Italian citizens, he left them behind, but the Nazis killed his wife and two daughters. Einstein committed suicide in 1945.

For an Italian documentary, we found the Army JAG report of the incident, including the testimony of Einstein and others who were in the villa. The documentary provided evidence that caused German authorities to open a new investigation and offer a reward for any of the Nazis present who may still be alive.

Facility: NARA
Result: The project produced 43 pages of court documents and testimony.

Einstein case file 005 Einstein case file 028 Einstein case file 023 Einstein case file 018 Einstein case file 014 Einstein case file 006

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